Community Support Services

The CST offers intensive, short term and flexible support to 12-17 year old persons in conflict with the law. A range of individualized programs are offered based on their criminogenic needs as well as the youth and family’s strengths and resources. The CST Specialists cover topics including emotion management, problem solving, life skills, crisis support, family support, substance use counselling, school and employment support, positive relationship building and other areas of need. Referrals are made by youth probation officers. The CST serves six county regions including: Hastings, Prince Edward, Lennox & Addington, Frontenac, Lanark and Leeds & Grenville.

Intensive Support and Supervision Program

The ISSP is a sentencing option under the YCJA. It is an alternative to custody that provides intensive services in a community setting to youth with serious mental health issues who would likely have been sentenced to custody but can be appropriately supported and supervised in the community. The ISSP Specialists are supervised by a psychologist and work with the youth and the family to implement individualized programming that target areas that reduce the likelihood of recidivism. The program provides clinically proven and skill oriented programming, mental health stabilization, crisis support, advocacy and liaises with community agencies such as CAS, Children’s Mental Health Services, doctors, schools, and youth justice agencies. The ISSP serves six county regions including: Hastings, Prince Edward, Lennox & Addington, Frontenac, Lanark and Leeds & Grenville.

Youth Justice Family Worker Program

The Youth Justice Family Worker provides support to the families of youth in conflict with the law to support rehabilitation and address situations that put youth at risk for re-offending. The YJFW delivers high quality support services for families of young persons aged 12-17  in conflict with the law in their homes and schools and in the community at large. We offer a range of individualized programs based on their criminogenic needs as well as the youth and family’s strengths and resources. Youth/families are referred by the Youth Diversion Program, youth who have been diverted – includes youth at imminent risk of a Truancy Charge; Probation – youth who have been charged with Truancy; Pathways – through the YMHCW as part of a Diversion Plan; SLYA TIPS Program; Situation Table for youth involved in criminal activity. The YJFW program serves Kingston (Census Metropolitan Area).

Specialized Treatment Program

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The Specialized Treatment Program is a community-based program for youth ages 12-24 years who demonstrate concerning sexualized behaviour and/or significant sexual behaviour problems. The program supports our community partners, provides assessment and treatment to youth in our community, and reduces the risk of  inappropriate sexualized behaviour and sexual assault. Referrals are accepted through the police, schools, families, group homes, mental health agencies and other community services. Based on an initial assessment, a low, medium, or high level of treatment is offered to address both sexual specific issues   (i.e., sexual deviance, sexual education, sexual shame, etc.) and generic issues (e.g., emotion management, decision making, substance use, etc.).

Deborah Hendy, MEd
Director of Community Services
Phone: 613-542-9634 x 203
Fax: 613-542-3508

David J. Simourd, Ph.D., C.Psych

Medical Services

Marina Kanellos-Sutton, RN BScN PHC-NP
Chief of Health Care
Phone: 613-384-4869 xt 104
Fax: 613-384-5443

Dr. Richard Van Wylick
Consulting Paediatrician

Dr. Richard Van Wylick collaborates with SLYA to develop a medical services for high risk youth in care. He joined the St Lawrence Youth Association clinical team as consulting paediatrician in 2000.


Sundance is a 10 bed secure detention/custody facility for female youth in conflict with the law 12-17 years of age. Counseling, school programs and group work are provided on site. Admission are contingent upon the YCJA legislative criteria.

Korrey Dale
Facility Manager
Phone: 613-384-4869 xt 103
Fax: 613-384-5341

Bailiff / Transportation

The bailiff programme provides transportation to and from custody for young persons in conflict with the law as referred by probation services.

Shawn Avery
Bailiff/Video Remand Team Leader/YJW
Phone: 613-384-4869 xt 113
Fax: 613-384-5341