Specialized Treatment Program

SLYA Program Details

Program Details

Specialized Treatment Program

The Specialized Treatment Program is 100% dependent on grant contributions from our community. The Specialized Treatment Program is a community-based program for youth ages 12-24 years who demonstrate concerning sexualized behaviour and/or significant sexual behaviour problems. The program supports our community partners, provides assessment and CBT-based counselling to youth in our community, and reduces the risk of inappropriate sexualized behaviour and sexual assault. Referrals are accepted through the police, schools, families, group homes, mental health agencies, and other community services. Based on an initial assessment, evidence-based counselling is offered to address both sexual-specific issues (i.e., sexual deviance, sexual education, sexual shame, etc.) and generic issues (e.g., emotion management, decision-making, substance use, etc.). Where appropriate the Specialized Treatment Program has access to a consulting psychologist.

Specialized Treatment Program – Next Steps and Information

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Derek Campbell, PhD, RSW
Director of Community Services
Telephone: 613-542-9634 ext 203
Fax: 613-542-3508
Email: derek@slya.ca

United Way Lennox Addington
A special thank you to the United Way KFL&A for their generous contribution in support of this program.
A special thank you to the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area for their generous contribution in support of this.