Youth Justice Family Worker Program

SLYA Program Details

Program Details

Youth Justice Family Worker Program

The Youth Justice Family Worker provides support to families of youth in conflict with the law, to support rehabilitation and address situations that put youth at risk for re-offending. The YJFW delivers high quality support services for families of young persons aged 12-17 in conflict with the law, in their homes and schools, and in the community at large. YJFW offers a range of individualized programs based on criminogenic needs, risk needs, and associated mental health and behaviour needs, as well as the youth and family’s strengths and resources. Referrals can be made by Schools, Police, Probation, Diversion Agencies, Crown, and Community Agencies that work with the youth.

The objectives of the program are to provide support to families of at-risk youth, support rehabilitation needs, and work with the youth and family to address situations and behaviours that put the youth at risk of conflict with the law. The program also serves to provide support to families that are struggling with healthy and supportive relationships within the family unit and to provide positive mentoring to youth to reinforce prosocial behaviours.

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Derek Campbell, PhD, RSW
Director of Community Services
Telephone: 613-542-9634 ext 203
Fax: 613-542-3508