St. Lawrence Youth Association would like to acknowledge September 30, 2021, as the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The day honours the lost children and Survivors of residential schools, their families and communities. Public commemoration of the tragic and painful history and ongoing impacts of residential schools is a vital component of the reconciliation process.

 Helping Youth Move Forward

The St. Lawrence Youth Association is a non-profit charitable organization, funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. Established 1974 in Kingston, Ontario. SLYA operates one residential program (Sundance) including medical services; three community-based programs (Community Support Services, Intensive Support & Supervision Program and Youth Justice Family Worker), and a Bailiff Program.

The Association deals with young persons in conflict with the law and young persons who are charged with an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada who are between the ages of twelve and seventeen when they commit the offence.

SLYA is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors with an Executive Director to run the day to day operations of the Association as the senior executive officer. SLYA is incorporated under the Corporations Act, there is a constitution and by-laws, as well as officers of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors includes a committee structure. It is responsible for hiring the Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors for programming and service delivery.


Mission Statement

St. Lawrence Youth Association provides individualized restorative programming for youth at risk, aims to reduce youth crime and helps build strong individuals and communities.

SLYA Word Cloud: Collaborative Accountable Responsive Individualized Nurturing Growth - CARING!